The Victory Journal & 365 Days of Victory

VictoryJournalTVJ-PenBe the author of your success. By writing in your Victory Journal, you become the author. You have plenty of space to write your life’s challenges and victories. Run your race and cross the finish line. Teach yourself as you face obstacles and learn about stumbling blocks that are unique to your journey.  Every Victory Journal purchase comes with a free ink pen.








365 Days of Victory is much more than a book of proverbs.  It is an aid to your personal journey to Victory.  As you confront each giant in your life, you’ll grow in wisdom, stature and ability.  Let each word of wisdom be your traveling companion, your coach, and your encourager as you run toward your personal successes.  Topple your giants and live a victorious life in just 365 days.  You cannot truly live without this inspirational book.