Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions First Year


B.S. 101         Interpreting Scriptures

This course provides an in-depth study in Hermeneutics, the science of interpreting scriptures.  Students will be mentored in the use of the laws, rules, skills, methods, and principles that govern Bible interpretation.

B.S. 102         Bible  Research

Students will be equipped to accurately research and study the Bible using various methods and strategies.  You will be trained to effectively use concordances, dictionaries, commentaries, and other study helps.  You will learn research, prayer, and meditation techniques that will unlock the  revelation in scripture to you.  In this class, you will actually learn by doing.

B.S. 103         Bible Survey

It is accurately stated that the New Testament is in the old concealed and the Old Testament is in the new revealed.  In this course you will explore the rich New Testament truths buried in the types and symbols of the Old Testament.  Characters and events that reveal the true nature of God will be emphasized.  Students will gain a deep appreciation for the Old Testament as well as skill in unlocking its truths.

B.S. 104         Bible Doctrine

An in-depth study into the major doctrines of Christianity will be discussed.  Students will be exposed to Christian doctrine via its origin, thought, scriptural reference, etc. which will attest to the soundness, infallibility, and inspiration of these authoritative teachings. This course affords the opportunity to do an in-depth probing into what the Bible teaches about controversial doctrinal issues.  Students will do research to support or disqualify what people believe based on what the Bible teaches; and as a class project, develop, defend, and present an accurate Bible doctrine.

B.S. 105         Spiritual Formation

The design and intent of this course is to encourage and equip the believer to yield more fully to the work of God in conforming him/her to the image of Jesus Christ. Various spiritual disciplines will be introduced and practiced as a means of positioning ourselves to receive the grace to be transformed. Such disciplines include, but are not limited to; prayer, study of the Word of God, meditation, fasting, silence, worship, and journaling. Additionally, the Glory Grid (created by Pastor Stokes) will be used as a means of embracing our standing as new creations based on the finished work of Jesus Christ.

 Course Descriptions Second Year

B.S. 201         Worship & The Worshipper

An in-depth study of true biblical worship from its origin to its present function, including its times of activation will be presented.  Students will receive intense training and mentoring equipping them to skillfully instruct, enter, and lead others into the presence of God.  Learn how to continually be in the presence of God through worship.

B.S. 202         Christian Counseling

This course will provide theoretical and practical learning experiences to acquaint the student with “Christ-centered” counseling methods.  Some exploration of psychological principles and methodologies will be provided; however, the focus will be upon utilizing Biblical principles and reliance upon the Holy Spirit in helping the counselee.  Students will be taught relationship building skills, confrontational skills,and proper use of self in the counseling relationship.  Participants will be helped to identify and begin resolution of their own issues in order to bring the greatest degree of wholeness to the counseling experience.  The importance of the counselor’s emotional and spiritual health and maturity  will be a major area of emphasis in this life changing experience.

B.S.  203          Exegesis of Scripture

What did God really say through those He inspired to write the Bible? Students will receive intense training and step by step guided research methods enabling them to accurately determine what was said in the scriptures.  Students will be exposed to some of the most advanced biblical resources available today.  You must first learn what was said in order to know what was meant.

B.S. 204         Evangelism

Learn how to win souls for Christ.  This course will teach  methods, strategies, and techniques enabling you to bring in the harvest, yes, even friends and loved ones.  Students will learn to demonstrate and actively participate in evangelism.  “… do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of your ministry.”

B.S. 205         Preach  the  Word

Are you really “called” to preach?  Are you sure?  After this class, you will know.  The content of this course is designed to pierce the heart of the preacher.  Students will gain exposure to the Art of Preaching and receive intense mentoring in sermon preparation and guidelines for delivery.

B.S. 206         Preach the Word II

This course is a continuation of “Preach the Word.” During this class, students will explore the depths of the call to preach, exhaustively examine the Art of Preaching and receive invaluable knowledge and practice in sermon preparation and delivery. You will also learn how to identify, release and strengthen your gift and others.