Pastor Timothy R. Stokes

Senior Pastor
In 1980, during spring break from Oakland University, undergraduate student, Timothy R. Stokes gave his life to the Lord, receiving the miraculous gift of salvation.  When he returned to campus, he was a changed man.  He witnessed to his peers and strangers alike about Jesus, evangelizing the campus.  After graduating with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, he returned to Oakland University as an administrator in the Upward Bound program where he worked with young adults, preparing them for the college experience.  At the same time he led a viable bible study in which many people were changed by the power of God.

In 1987, Timothy R. Stokes met Tanya Thomas, the lovely woman who would eventually become his wife, mother of his children, and his partner in ministry.  After three years of devoted ministry to the students of Oakland University and faithful membership at Pentecostal Outreach Church of God in Christ in Lansing, Michigan, Pastor Stokes and his wife Tanya moved to Grand Rapids where they served a ministry faithfully until they moved to Flint in 1991 to found Family Worship Center Church International.

In 1992, through the ministry gift of Pastor Stokes, the ministry experienced spiritual and natural growth.  The small eighty-seat sanctuary, located on Carpenter Road, was no longer large enough to house the ministry and the growing church secured its second facility on Flushing Road. It soon became apparent that we would no longer fit the five hundred-seat sanctuary and a new church building was sought. Through his leadership, FWCCi secured its current 1500 seat facility that sits on 137 acres of prime real estate.
Pastor Stokes is a versatile and bold preacher and teacher of the Gospel.  Pastor Stokes is the author of “Handling the Anointing” and a dynamic conference speaker. He performed the first televised wedding on the Dr. Phil Show in November, 2006.  He is a  family man, the father of four children; Brendon, Amber, Emmanuel and Timothy II, and a devoted husband.

Pastor Stokes is an avid lover of golf.  He has spent ample time on the best golf courses easing his mind and enjoying his time.